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One of Klio’s highlights in her career has been her outreach educational work. Throughout the years she has enjoyed reaching younger audiences in a variety of settings, such as museums, schools, churches and children’s centres.

Specialising in the early years music education, she has worked extensively as an Early Years Project Leader for Trinity Laban's outreach program ‘Raising the Roof’ , teaching 3rd year BMus students and delivering early years projects to a variety of educational settings in Lewisham and Greenwich.

From 2014 till 2020, Klio has led successfully the early years music department at Blackheath Conservatoire, designing the early years curriculum, developing the programme and delivering regular training for both the 'in-house' early years team, as well as for teachers in the surrounding schools and other visiting early years specialists. During her time there, she also designed and produced, alongside soprano Mairead Sheering and pianist Grace Mo, a special series of narrated classical concerts - The Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland , Aesops’ Fables  and more recently The Emperor's Nightingale - thus introducing classical music from a very young age through the magic of storytelling.


Klio enjoyed touring with pianist Grace Mo for the acclaimed and award winning 'Bach to Baby' Concert Series, as well as working for many years as a touring musician for Classical Music Rocks, a Charity based in West Norfolk, bringing live classical music to schools and the wider community in West Norfolk.

In 2020 she became CMR's Creative Director and till 2023, she helped the Chair develop and expand the Charity’s successful and unique programme.






"Klio and Grace were were truly inspiring,  the children  expressed amazement at the powerful nature of the music as it transported them through the story of the Nutcracker.'" Classical Music Rocks Tour, West Norfolk


"Klio and Giulia took our little girls on a magical journey through the story of the Nutcracker, interwoven with some of Tchaikovsky's most iconic compositions from the work. It was 45 minutes of make-believe and imagination, and we loved the expressive, engaging style in which Klio and Giulia told the story whilst at the same time showing off their technical prowess on their instruments. A highly recommended show.”

James Allen’s Girls School


"Alice in Wonderland , a  magical performance that enchanted grown ups and little ones alike"

Blackheath Conservatoire


"Flautist Klio Blonz together with  cellist Rebecca Hepplewhite and pianist Grace Mo, gave the children of the Music Schools of Northern Greece a unique musical educational experience, with the high level and solidity of their performances, the excellent choices of the repertoire and the immediacy of communication. The children learned in an interactive way about the magical world of 18th and 19th century chamber music and had the opportunity to meet classical and romantic composers they had never come into contact with before; they got to know Louise Farrenc and Johann Nepomuk Hummel, exploring aspects of music history unknown to them.

A wonderful educational program that balances between the perfection of the interpretations and the spontaneity of the speech.

Thank you!"   

Mariana Bozapalidou, PhD, MMus, BMus(Hons)

Educational and Social Programs, Megaron Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece



"When painting turns space into time and music turns time into space!

This is what we experienced today, despite the difficulties of connecting through Zoom to London. Two  schools: one specialist school for children with learning difficulties and one of general education. With the sounds of Klio Blonz's flute unfolding in the hall of the 2nd Gymnasium of Agios Nikolaos and unraveling emotions that spread throughout the space. The students of the two schools collaborated,  and once again we celebrated the art of inclusion! One group of students watched and participated in Kleios' educational program and another group painted the sounds and music! The notes took shape and filled with color . The notes took shape and filled he students' worksheets with color, emotion and of course lots of love . So we came to the conclusion to say to Kleio in closing : If music is the food of love, play some more, do not stop! Thank you "


Yiorgos Mavroidis, Professor in Special Needs Education, Agios Nikolaos , Crete 



These narrated concerts have been conceived with one simple desire: to introduce classical music at a very early age,  opening the door to this special world which children can continue having access to for the rest of their lives. Interactive story telling entwining effortlessly with the works of the great classical masters , thus enabling children to develop their listening skills and exalt their imagination.


Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite , for flute, piano and narration

Alice in Wonderland , for flute, soprano, piano and narration

Aesop's Fables, for flute, soprano, cello, piano and narration

The Emperor's Nightingale,  for solo flute and narration


Please email klioblonz@hotmail.com , if you are interested in hosting any of the above performances.





January 2023 / Classical Music Rocks :  Solo Flute School Tour.

February 2023 / Classical Music Rocks: Solo Flute  School Tour

February 2023 / CMR: Flute & Harp, Zoom Tour. Gabriella Dall'Olio/Harp

March 2023 / CMR: Flute & Cello School Tour. Rebecca Hepplewhite/Cello

May 2023 / CMR:  Solo Flute School Tour.

June 2023 / CMR: Flute & Harp School Tour. Gabriella Dall'Olio/Harp

July 2023 / Blackheath Conservatoire: 'Alice in Wonderland' , for flute, soprano, piano and narration.

Mairead Sheerin/Soprano, Grace Mo/Piano.

September - December 2023 / CMR:  Solo Flute School Tours.

December 2023 /CMR: The Nutcracker Suite , for flute , piano and narration / School Tour.

December 2023 / Blackheath Conservatoire: The Nutcracker Suite , for flute , piano and narration.

Mairead Sheerin/Narration, Grace Mo/Piano

February 2024 / Megaron Concert Hall, Thessaloniki , Greece:

'Into the Time Machine' , for flute, cello and piano.

Rebecca Hepplewhite/Cello, Grace Mo/Piano.

May 2024 / Willington Prep School: 'Alice in Wonderland' , for flute, soprano, piano and narration.

Mairead Sheerin/Soprano, Grace Mo/Piano.

June 2024 / Study Prep School: 'Alice in Wonderland' , for flute, soprano, piano and narration.

Mairead Sheerin/Soprano, Grace Mo/Piano.

June 24 / Thomas's Prep School: 'The Emperor's Nightingale' for solo flute and narration 

July 2024 / CMR & St George's Guildhall Theatre, Kings Lynn:

'Alice in Wonderland', for flute, soprano , piano and narration. Mairead Sheerin / Soprano, Grace Mo / Piano.

September 2024 / CMR: Flute & Harp School Tour. Gabriella Dall'Olio/Harp

October 2024 / CMR School Tour & Family Concert: 'The Emperor's Nightingale' for flute and narration.

Octagon Unitarian Chapel, Norwich .

November 2024/ Thomas's Kensington Prep School: The Nutcracker Suite for flute, piano and narration.

Grace Mo/Piano.

November 2024 / Thomas's Prep School: Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker Suite' for flute, piano and narration.

Grace Mo/Piano.

December 2024 / Blackheath Conservatoire:'The Nutcracker Suite' , for flute , piano and narration.

Mairead Sheerin/Narration, Grace Mo/Piano



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